WesleyCare redevelopment officially open

A celebration of completion of the new WesleyCare was held on February 2nd with the Minister of Health Hon Dr David Clark giving the official opening address.

The celebration was attended by over 100 guests who were instrumental in the redevelopment project or play an integral part in the day to day life of WesleyCare. Those that attended included residents and their families, contractors who made the project a reality, funders, donors and volunteers at WesleyCare as well as board members and staff of the Methodist Mission. At the end of the celebration Dr Clark and CMM Executive Director Jill Hawkey presented WesleyCare Manager Fran Pucilowski with flowers and a framed certificate in recognition of her 40 years of service at WesleyCare.

As a result of the extensive redevelopment, WesleyCare now has 108 rooms with hospital, rest home and palliative level care available. The completed building looks out on a grassed courtyard and garden in the centre.

Fran Pucilowski says that the redevelopment process was a real challenge for staff but the end result has been well worth the wait. “Despite the difficulties transitioning from the old building to the new, staff maintained the high-level of care and support that WesleyCare is known for, “ says Fran. “The residents enjoyed seeing the building progress and are relishing being in the new surroundings. Now that the project is complete we have a fit for purpose building that will enable the Methodist Mission to support older people from the community for many years to come.”

The redevelopment project was made possible through the foresight of many donors who remembered the Methodist Mission in their Will. Small and large gifts bestowed years before have now helped WesleyCare to become one of the most modern residential facilities in Christchurch. The project has also been funded through insurance proceeds and some borrowing.

Picture Caption: The Minister of Health Hon Dr David Clark (left) planting a Southern Rata in the courtyard of WesleyCare to commemorate its completion on February 2nd. Pictured with the Minister is Executive Director Jill Hawkey, Chairperson Garth Nowland-Foreman and WesleyCare Manager Fran Pucilowski.