Volunteers make a difference

Lynette Attewell loves the community feel of Wesley Village. Her recently refurbished unit is nice and warm and it is a short walk to visit her Mum at WesleyCare.

Since she has been living at Wesley Village, Lynette has become friends with Carole Evans, CMM’s Volunteer Coordinator. Talking to Carole one day has resulted in Lynette volunteering at WesleyCare labelling clothing.

“I already volunteer with Age Concern & St John. There was a need for someone to put labels on the resident’s clothing and thought I would put up my hand and give it a go. I live so close to WesleyCare - it is an easy thing to do,” says Lynette. “It is a service that WesleyCare offers that many other aged care providers don’t.  It is quite a crucial role. As you can imagine there are lots of clothes that need labelling!”

Lynette has a message to anyone who is thinking about becoming a volunteer. “There are many things that people can do. Just give it a go. I have suggested volunteering to one of my friends. There are lots of opportunities out there in the community.”

Carole Evans started her role as Volunteer Coordinator in August. Since then she has been busy matching up interested volunteers to available roles. “CMM has a wide range of volunteer roles that need filling,” Carole says. “From reading to children at Aratupu Preschool & Nursery through to transporting WesleyCare residents to appointments, there is a role for anyone willing to offer their time and energy.”

If you would like to volunteer at WesleyCare or want to know what roles are available, contact Carole Evans on 03 375 1136 or carolee@mmsi.org.nz. Your time will make a difference in the lives of the older people that call WesleyCare home.

Picture Caption: Lynette Attewell (right) using the clothing label machine with WesleyCare Support Services Supervisor Hilda de Buyzer.