Supporting people on their last journey

When someone finds out that they have a life-limiting condition and need to be in a more supported living environment, it can often be a daunting prospect for them and their loved ones. There are so many things to consider and often decisions need to be made quickly. 

WesleyCare has a great reputation for providing the very best in palliative care. It has dedicated Karaka studio units specifically for people needing end of life care and provides a unique and welcoming environment for the person and their family.

Lisa Cochrane recently experienced this care through her journey with close friend Wendy. Wendy passed away in August after receiving palliative care at WesleyCare for 7 months. “I can’t fault the care that Wendy received during her time there,” says Lisa. “The staff were accessible whenever Wendy or we needed them. We could contact the registered nurses directly and their knowledge of medication management and caring for people that are dying is exceptional. The caregivers never presented as rushing and always had time for Wendy. She got to know the staff really well.”

WesleyCare Manager Fran Pucilowski says that a big point of difference for the Karaka wing is that it provides a unique environment for many of the people requiring end of life care. “Our staff provide palliative care for a range of ages. This year we have had three people in their fifties with us,” says Fran. “Staff also have a good link with the Nurse Maude Hospice team.”

Lisa echoes this, saying that the ability to provide care to younger people in an environment that didn’t feel like a residential facility sets WesleyCare apart. “People can come and go without having to go through an aged care facility,” she says. “Wendy’s studio unit enabled her to have privacy but was also big enough that we could stay with her. Some nights we had four of us there. Wendy was allowed to have her own dog which was really great for her.”