Meet the Team

WesleyCare has a very professional and well trained work force. There is a very low staff turnover meaning residents and staff are able to build and enjoy long relationships with each other. Some of the key staff that you will see around WesleyCare include:

Cath Swain


Cath leads our experienced team in providing high quality care, service and support to our residents and their families, according to the values of the Christchurch Methodist Mission.

Maria Lalor


Maria welcomes WesleyCare residents and visitors both at reception and over the phone.

Jyllanie Kelly

Clinical Coordinator Ground Floor

Jyllanie is the Clinical Coordinator Ground Floor of Tawa, Karaka and Kākāriki teams. She leads the team in delivering excellence and passion in care.

Brenda Chiverton

Diversional Therapist

Robyn Swain

Residents Advocate

Robyn advocates for all residents but is particularly invaluable when residents have no family.